November 10, 2015

Uncommon Goods

Tangled necklaces. Jumbled bangles. Rings tossed around.

This is an accurate description of my jewelry storage most of the time. I have so much of it that it just overtakes my hutch and jewelry boxes. It overflows, which makes outfit planning pretty difficult. I can never see all of my jewelry... so frustrating!

When Uncommon Goods contacted me about featuring a jewelry item, I knew immediately that I needed to browse through the jewelry storage first! No more jewelry pieces until I figure out a way to better display them. I fell in love love love with Michale Dancer's unusual display! It fits perfectly in with my bedroom decor, and is neutral enough to go with any changes I make in the future. I really like Dancer's use of natural resources like the stone and branches, but made them modern by using them in unusual ways.

Now, when I am planning my looks for everyday, I have a little space to pull out pieces that I know I will wear, leaving more room for not-so-everyday pieces in other storage. 

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