October 12, 2015


henley, shorts, & hat- Gap
sandals- Birkenstock

In the late summer months (it's officially fall, I know, but still very warm here), I have a handful of outfits that are on repeat. I have worn through all of my ideas and am trying to transition myself out of short and a tank. It comes from a place of, to be frank, boredom with my closet. When it is 65 degrees in the morning and 85 degrees when I get home in the afternoon, it makes for tricky outfit planning. Of course, I cannot wear shorts to work, so the minute I get home, I change to take advantage of letting my legs breathe. A couple of weeks ago, I kept pulling this tee and shorts combo out of my dirty laundry basket after workschool. I loved it so much that I did not even care that my clothes were technically dirty. That is true outfit love!

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