October 20, 2015

Animal Print

crop & skirt: Melrose Trading Post
sandals- Franco Sarto
key ring- The Giving Keys

When I visited my brother in Phoenix last July, we took off for the weekend to Los Angeles. At the time, he had lived in Phoenix for seven months and had yet to explore the city. But after a few days of exploring on my own, I knew we would want to get out of town so we didn't end up watching Netflix on the couch all weekend. Though that would have been fun, we needed an adventure. LA is only a 5 hour drive away, so we headed out as soon as he got off of work. We stayed in an AirBnB in Los Feliz and it was the perfect location! We had a hard time figuring out what to do in town and kept getting frustrated, so I decided to let him manage the fun on Saturday, while I would be in charge of Sunday morning before we headed back. 

About halfway through our Saturday, he knew his way around and kept saying, "I know where I am because of Grand Theft Auto," or "Oh, that's where my apartment is on GTA..." Y'all... I could not stop laughing because it sounded so ridiculous! But he got us around well and we only ended up in one sketchy area to find a Popeyes (cliche, I know), which led to us getting to witness the cholos cruise out of the Catholic church and meeting a cool guy who was convinced that my brother was from LA. The guy ended up being from PHX and grew up just around the corner from my brother's house there, so it was cool! He went wild over the sick cars around Rodeo and took a billion pictures. It started raining in the afternoon, so we drove out to Warner Bros. and took their tour. Honestly, I was apprehensive at first, but it ended up being the coolest thing we did all weekend! I was geeking out over the Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls sets, while he was like a chihuahua with the Batman exhibit! All of my pictures of him are blurry because he could not stay still. 

Sunday morning, we met my old LSU friend Maddie at Melrose Trading Post. It was hot, but fun to walk around and browse the vintage and ridiculous things people sell there. The only thing I fell absolutely in love with was this two-piece animal print look! The seller was really cool and made this by cutting up an old dress into two. I love modernizing stuff myself, but have not had time to do any of my own projects lately. It was great to get inspired and see someone else doing what I liked to do! 

I love the two-piece set trend right now. Some sets look best together, but others can look just as good separated and paired with something else. It is the same idea as a good suit-- you can wear it a handful of different ways with just a couple of staple pieces. Once it cools down here consistently, I will pair the top with a high-waisted jeans. I will probably don a cream turtleneck sweater with the skirt in winter, and add tights and tall boots for a super 1970s vibe.

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