April 29, 2015


dress- TJ Maxx [similar] [similar
kimono- thrifted [similar] [similar
shoes- Antonio Melani
necklace- American Eagle [similar
shades- Firmoo [similar] [similar

April 28, 2015

Aerie Real

bikini- c/o Aerie [same]

Since my two-month stint in Europe, I have been consciously journaling on a (mostly) daily basis. It's helped me to work out my own thoughts and personal growth and actually have evidence of change on paper. After just a few short months of doing this, I have already laughed at myself for earlier entries at how ridiculous I sound jabbering on about things that, at this point, are no longer a part of my brain space. Something I wrote a few weeks ago seems fitting for this post: I am comfortable in my own skin. 

I remember being in high school and even college and thinking all the time about whether or not my outfit worked, or if my body type looked good in what I was wearing, or whether everyone could see the giant planet forming on my face after a few days of chocolate over-consumption. Do I still care about those things? Of course. Do I obsess over them and allow them to occupy my thoughts throughout the day? No. 

I think I have reached a place in my life where I feel like I can get over whatever life throws at me. A cancer scare? Been there, done that. Quitting my secure job for funemployment? Done it. Not crying after a hellish day of solo train travel through Holland? Tearless and proud. 

The #AerieReal campaign is about living your life untouched, free, and joyfully. As I grow in life and in myself, I grow in understanding the value of not living the perfect life. I strive to live authentically, and placing my own significance in what I believe of myself, without regard to the approval of the world. 

How are you #AerieReal?

PS: Right before the Aerie team contacted me about participating in this campaign, I ordered this swimsuit and was stoked to get this pink number afterward in the mail. Mix & Match yaaaaaay!

April 22, 2015

Inspired by: Summer Camp

Summer Camp

April 14, 2015

Orange Crush

dress- Forever 21 [similar]
necklace- Rocksbox <-- 1-month="" a="" code="" font="" free="" get="" register="" sarahbff396="" subscription="" to="" use="" when="" you="">
shoes- Franco Sarto [similar]

It's a rare straight hair day over here for me! Some days I wake up and don't feel like my usual curly 'fro. What I have noticed about myself is that when I wear extra flowy outfits, I want to wear my hair wild and free. When I wear more structured looks, I have a tendency to want to wear my hair straight. I have been trying to break free from that cycle of one structured piece meaning that my whole look needs to be structured, and I think this is a prime example of that.

I found this dress on a whim stop at Forever 21 a few weeks ago, tucked behind a stack of cardigans I was looking at. The belt it was supposed to come with was missing, but I liked it better as a free flowing silhouette anyway. So far I have been too lazy to take a seam ripper to the belt loops (oops). I'll get to it one day... eventually.

Never in my life have I gravitated toward anything in the orange color family. It does not work well with my skin tone, especially when I am still winter pale, so I am surprising myself this season. Everything I like is orange. Everything. Is style like taste buds, changing every seven years, opening you up to new flavors and experiences? Who knows, but I like where this is going.

April 13, 2015

Raindrops on Roses

rain jacket- c/o Charles River Apparel
tee- Gap [similar
denim- American Eagle [same]
sneakers- Superga [same]

I have a confession to make: I love the rain. April in Louisiana means one thing: rain. Sticky rain, at that! For the next week, the forecast is rain every day... not the best plan, but I am not all that mad at it. I read an article a few months ago saying that Louisiana had more rainfall a year than Seattle! That is just plain crazy. 

Because it rains so much here-- seriously it goes from sun to rain in the blink of an eye --a closet staple is a good rain jacket. New Orleans was recently named the Capitol of Monogramming! Everything from totes, tumblers, jackets, car decals... you name it, everyone has something monogrammed. Let's be real, having your initials monogrammed on your pencil pouch in school would have been so much cooler than your mom writing your name on the inside tag #amiright? (Please tell me I wasn't the only kid with my name on everything.)

I guess old habits die hard, because I am going to wear this baby everywhere. I will probably keep it in my car for those "just in case" times when it decides to downpour in the middle of a perfectly sunny day. 

Enter the giveaway below for the chance to win your own rain jacket from Charles River Apparel!

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April 8, 2015

Plaid Play

shirt- American Eagle [similar]
jeans- American Eagle [same]
hat- vintage
boots- TJ Maxx
bolo- vintage
clutch- c/o Rorin

When I wear an all black outfit to work, my students call it my "Johnny Cash vibe." I have to say, I'm never mad at the reference.

April 7, 2015

Through the Fog

dress- TJ Maxx 
jacket- Asos [similar]
shoes- Nine West via TJ Maxx [similar]

Chilly, foggy spring mornings lead to sunny, warm afternoons... or at least I hope so!