August 27, 2014

Blue Bell

Photos by Jeff Roedel

top- Roxy
pants- Stein Mart (of all places!!!)
shoes- TJ Maxx

A few years ago, if you'd asked me what my favorite decade was, I would have said the [early] 1970s. Bell bottoms, crochet, hippie styles abounding. It was 100% my vibe. These days, I haven't been as into it with my wardrobe. I guess when we go through phases in life it reflects in our outfits... or at least mine does. It felt good to put on a pair of long bells and a crochet top, slap on some round shades and call it a day. 

Also a theme of this outfit coordinating with a 1970s vibe: avoiding disease while touching outer walls of abandoned buildings in BR. 

August 21, 2014

Same Difference

blouse- BCBGeneration [similar] [similar]
skirt- Madewell [similar]
shoes- Tabita via TJ Maxx
shades- c/o Firmoo

It's funny how personal style evolves. A few year ago, I would have gasped at the thought of an undefined waist. There were belts everywhere and, let me tell you, it was a tangled mess. At the same time, it's still funny how our style doesn't change. We may gravitate toward the same colors, aesthetics, etc., but we somehow develop an eye for how to update them. Take this outfit, for example. Last July, I wore an outfit very similar to this one (see it here). Same skirt, same blouse color. And yet... it is so different. I look at the old one and wonder if I would wear it tomorrow. Then, I look at these pictures and know that it represents who I am now. I'm not sure I would wear this outfit a year from now, but I look forward to finding out.

August 20, 2014

Floral Pop

blouse- TJ Maxx
denim- Levi's [similar]
sandals- Birkenstock [same]
shades- vintage

I got scissor happy the other day and sliced off a few inches of my white jeans. I got tired of rolling them but didn't want to pay to hem them, so a quick chop later, I practically had a new pair of jeans! I normally would not wear a blouse in this cut & length with low jeans for fear that it would be too boxy, but I ended up liking the silhouette and just going with it. Whether or not I will wear this combo again has yet to be determined, but I like experimenting and playing in my closet. 

August 13, 2014

To Capitol Heights

dress & belt- Gap [similar] [similar]
sandals- Birkenstock [same]
shades- c/o Firmoo
purse- vintage Coach [same]

A couple of weeks ago Sister #1 and her family visited for a few days. The last day, we took the girls downtown for a fun cousin photoshoot before lunching & thrifting. We had fun exploring downtown BR and ended up at the Shaw Center for the Arts to soak up some A/C. I love making a pit stop at the River Terrace on the 3rd floor to check out the view of the Mississippi Bridge! It's nice to take a day and play tourist in your own city!

August 11, 2014

French Twist

dress- vintage
shoes- TJ Maxx
purse- from my junior prom...
LA ring & iPhone case- c/o 9th & elm
other jewelry- thrifted

Before heading to a wedding last weekend I spent some time on Pinterest browsing (as one does) for inspiration on what to wear that night. I stumbled upon one of those usually annoying "Suggested Pins" and was blown away! I can't remember what it looked like, nor did I favorite or repin in, but instantly I had my inspiration: gypsy chic. Immediately I was in my closet searching for something, anything, that would do! In comes this sheer dress. Purchased at the LSU Textile Museum's Closet Sale a few years ago, it came with a coordinating skirt (last seen here). I have worn it as a dress only once before and I remember belting it then. Because I like to leave room for cake, I decided against a belt in favor of a free tulip shape. 

Truth be told, this is a new silhouette for me. I have always gone with a waist-defining look or something so free-flowing that I could hide a (food) baby underneath. Something more columnar and, dare I say it, shapeless, is out of my comfort zone. However, I did get a comment on how French I looked, so I will obviously be wearing this dress 24/7. Even to the gym. 

PS: Check out the widget below for similar, or equally stunning looks!

August 6, 2014

The Niceties of Nautical

dress- Jason Wu for Target, old [similar]
sandals- TJ Maxx [similar]
belt & clutch- vintage

It's safe to say that I am on a stripes kick. Everything I reach for when I get dressed involves stripes somehow and it cannot be helped! There are certain pieces in my closet that survive clean-outs and, though I rarely wear this dress, it is never in the "maybe" or "no" pile. Every once in a blue moon I will pull it out because it just feels right that day. I like  the idea of using different thicknesses of stripes. It makes this dress just a bit more interesting than your everyday run-of-the-mill nautical dress. I love basic designs with a little twist!

Below... me throwing shade at a stray dog trying to bust in my photoshoot.

August 1, 2014

Comfortable & So Broken In

dress- LOFT [similar]
shoes- Antonio Melani

For the days when you need an outfit that feels like pajamas without running the risk of looking like pajamas, behold, this dress.