December 9, 2014

Anholt Castle, Germany

One afternoon when I was staying in Winterswijk, we drove about half an hour to Anholt Castle across the Germany border. The website said that it was a museum, but the garden surrounding the castle was free, so we quickly drove before they closed and made it in time! The GPS took us to the address, but it seemed to be a service entrance. Without knowing where the main entrance was, we decided to park there and walk through the open gate. We were quickly stopped by a man on a tractor and told that it was closed and we were not allowed to walk through that gate... also that walking in the garden was not free but we could give him the 10euros and we would be fine. HA! No. He eventually told us that we could go as far as the bridge but no further. 

We walked along the pathway he instructed us to and went through one of those revolving gates that, unbeknownst to us, only revolved one way. Essentially, we trespassed and got locked in. The views, however, were completely worth it! The air was clear with virtually no wind, so the water was like glass. It created the perfect reflection of the castle on the pond! 

In short, I trespassed, broke in, and got locked out all within one hour. Adventures!

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