November 13, 2014

What Is Rorin

If you follow me in Instagram, you have probably noticed a new addition to my handbag collection! Before I left for Europe, I contacted Erin from Rorin, a New Orleans-based brand about partnering for my trip. She happily agreed (thanks, Erin!), so let me tell you a little bit about it...

All Rorin bags are made and designed in New Orleans. I love a good home-grown product, and once you involve leather, I am in. Each bag is a limited run, so you are guaranteed an exclusive product. I chose the Frannie clutch for my travels. The black & white color scheme is perfect for travel because it goes with everything. No worries about matching your bag to your outfit... it just works. The Frannie clutch has a dual compartment feature that makes it extremely difficult to be pick-pocketed. We all know this is a big travel concern, so now I can rest easier knowing that that is one thing I have to worry about less. The industrial zippers make a quick in & out trip to the corner store a breeze and the cross body chain is great for hands free roaming about town. I hate fooling with a purse when I just want to enjoy my day, so this style is perfect for me. Next on my wish list is the Barley backpack!

I am taking my Rorin all around Europe until mid-December and will be tagging all of my adventures with #thinktwiceeurope. You can keep you with my Rorin shenanigans by searching #whereisrorin! I would love to see where you take yours, so let's share our adventures with #whereisrorin!

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