November 3, 2014

The Hague

My first full, non-travel day in The Hague was a cold and rainy one. I was still jet-lagged, so truthfully I don't remember much... which is why it is so great to be able to take pictures and remind yourself. I have also been journaling each day to record what I did, who I met, etc. My memory is great with details, but it definitely helps to write things down. I will be excited to read my entries for my first few days on the plane ride home and compare how things changed. 

I was shown the city by my Hague-Mom, Lia. We walked in the rain from the City Center, to the Houses of Parliament, to the King's working palace gardens. We went so many other places I cannot list them all! Though I will say that the tomato soup I had for lunch was particularly tasty, and I don't even like tomato soup! It was warm and flavorful and sometimes that is all that matters. 

I have so many more pictures to show from my first week! I will weed through them and post soon enough, soon enough.

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  1. Hey Sarah! After you DMed me on IG I got curious so I stalked your blog a bit and I see you're travelling Europe!! I don't know how long you're in NL for, but if you get the chance I would totally recommend taking some day trips to smaller Dutch cities - for example, the city of Leiden is 10 minutes away from Den Haag Centraal by train and it's so lovely, it feels like a fairy tale city. It's a totally different feel from either Den Haag or Amsterdam. It's also a student city so it's got a very friendly feel. It's very medieval, with cobble stone streets, lots of canals, and a fortress you can visit for free in the middle of the city! If you go on a Wednesday or Saturday the market is set up in the centre along a canal and it's a really 'typical Dutch' experience - and you should definitely get a fresh stroopwafel and a cone of fries with mayonnaise! Also, definitely walk along the Rapenburg - it's a big canal with tons of monumental homes and museums and just general loveliness.
    Also in The Hague, I'm sure your Hague-mom has you covered, but Scheveningen beach is absolutely beautiful! There are also dunes nearby (Meijendel) that are nice for a walk/mini hike/bike ride if the weather is nice (cough cough).
    Anyway!! Sorry for the novel! I hope you're enjoying your time here, please feel free to ask me if you have questions about a place or want recommendations :D