November 24, 2014

LA Cool

tank- J. Crew
sandals- Birkenstock

You know the moment when you instinctively walk into a store where you have a history of walking out empty-handed but go in anyway because you have a feeling? That was me walking into American Eagle a couple of months ago. I walked in looking for a beanie and got sidetracked by the great selection of pants on sale. Now, I have never been one to fit into their pants. Some brands just do not "go" with your body type, and they were one. But I decided to try on a few pairs just to see. Much to my surprise, everything fit! These pants were among the "yes" pile and, after about a week of wearing them nonstop, I went back to buy them in green. I am a firm believer in the theory of buying what you love in every color. If these pants came in more colors, I would buy them too. They're that good

The deep raspberry wine shade is perfect for fall and winter, but it easily mixed with summer pieces. Truth be told, I have not seen my arms or legs in about 5 weeks, and I am eager to get home and hopefully have some warm[er] weather when I land. Shorts for Christmas? Yes, please! 

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