October 31, 2014

Leather Tuxedo

tank- J. Crew
vest- Altar'd State
skirt- F21, thrifted [similar]
boots- Kenneth Cole via TJ Maxx

I still have a couple of outfit posts left over from before I left the States, so no, I am not sporting bare legs and arms in Holland... 

When I was wardrobe planning for this trip, my main concern was having a few pairs of boots that would be cool, warm, and work for both fall and early winter temperatures. Though these silver babies don't exactly fall into the category of warm or practical, I needed a little flair! Not usually one for shiny things, I liked that these are not overpowering. The texture of the leather is slick but matte and I am sure they will begin to look darker over time with each wear. A touch of disclosure, however... earlier in the week I went for a walk to the City Hall on a misty morning. The entrance to the building has slate flooring outside and tile inside. The soles of these ankle boots are not exactly built for such surfaces and I almost had a terrible slip up! Longest 50-yard journeys of my life.

Before I left, I wore this getup to my girl Andi Nickens' release party for her book, New Orleans Style! It was a blast hanging with people I would normally see at what is now Southern Design Week. I can't wait to see pictures of this year's shows since the organization has revamped. I'll be there in spirit!

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