October 3, 2014

Fresh Face with Clinique + Tai Beauchamp

Earlier this week, I made my way down to New Orleans for the InStyle & Clinique Fresh Face event with InStyle ambassador Tai Beauchamp! As a religious Clinique customer, I was excited to get to know the new products and branch out of my norm. After a complimentary mini massage, I headed to the selfie station and snapped some embarrassingly fun pictures. The juice bar was a refreshing stop on the way for guests to get their makeup done. I tried a blend with pineapple and mint and loved it!

My favorite part of the event was getting a chance to chat with Tai Beauchamp! I have a tiny (read: large) girl crush on her... it's official. We talked about everything from blogging, hair goals (Diana Ross), eye creams, and travel. 

This season's beauty trend is all about skincare. We have seen products slowly getting into fusing skincare and makeup together, making it easy for us lazy gals to do both without adding to our routine. My absolute favorite Clinique product is Moisture Surge. I began using the original moisture surge over ten years ago and now it is in a tinted moisturizer form... love! It feels like thick water and is the lightest moisturizer I have ever tried. And in a tint that can take the place of foundation? The height of laziness. AKA amazing.

Do tell... what are your favorite beauty trends for fall?

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