September 5, 2014

Mad [WO]Men

dress- vintage, Ahab Bowen Dallas (now closed *sad face*)
purse- vintage
shoes- Antonio Melani

Last week, 225 Magazine celebrated the release of the September Fashion issue in mad style. The theme was Mad Men and, not surprising, Tate & Sarah Tullier were the best dressed in my eyes. A gold skinny tie & the perfect LBD? Yes. See party photos here & laugh at my face... 

For the Mad Men theme, I decided to go with a Betty & Megan Draper blend. If you saw my Instagram post, you know that I had quite the debacle! I knew I wanted to stay in the Draper family, but which one fit me best that day was a difficult decision. As Kiernan Shipka is my 14-year-old style icon, my immediate draw was to her character, Sally. But looking like a child isn't what I wanted to do while trying to get into a party that is 21+. The Don was my next choice because, well, I just wanted to wear a velvet tuxedo jacket and call it a day.  Though, seriously, velvet in hurricane season is just laughable

In the end, I asked myself what Betty Draper would have worn had she *spoiler alert* still been married to Don during the last few seasons when he was married to Megan. If you don't know what I am talking about, watch the show! A flower child California version of Betty. Take a late 1960s print Megan would love, but in a ladylike shape Betty would prefer. Add classic jewelry, tasteful shoes, a chic updo, and a funky handbag. 

Who is your favorite Mad [wo]Man?

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  1. Your dress is simply stunning on you. The creamy colour suits your skin tone plus the lace is romantic and feminine. You look amazing!