June 13, 2014

Business Casual

blouse- TJ Maxx
blazer- Posh Boutique
denim- Blank Denim [similar]
shoes- Antonio Melani (old)

Blending casual pieces with office wear can be tricky. I remember going shopping during my teaching days and being very conscious of the versatility of the garment when purchasing it. Can I wear it to work? Can I also wear it on the weekend? then... Can I wear it on the weekend? Can I also make it work for work? It can be somewhat complicated if your weekend style is vastly different from your weekday style. Finding clothes that fit both bills always calls for celebration, am I right?!

Though this blouse is sleeveless and may not be office appropriate alone, topping it off with a slim blazer brings it up to code. Toning down the work-week blues with a dark ink denim treads the line of proper office rules, but is a great way to participate in casual Friday without being sloppy. All you need are a few shimmering accessories like nude pumps, a long necklace, and a statement ring or two!

June 4, 2014

Crisp White

scarf- vintage
shoes- Bandolino

First of all, you may (or may not?) have noticed that I took a month long hiatus from this blog. A lot of life was happening and my motivation was at level zero. Sometimes, we have to take a step back, reflect, and recharge in order to do what we love, with love. Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming...

Dirty* hair days are the best days for scarves! I have a few standbys that always work, but have been trying to dig into the bottom of my scarf holder and use different ones. Oh, change, you are a hard thing to do. This one reminded me of a Spanish flamenco dancer running errands during the day. I do not look Spanish, nor do I know how to flamenco dance, but a girl can dream**, right?

* lazy
** by dream I mean pretend flamenco dancing in my living room when I'm home alone