April 24, 2014


dress- Chelsea & Violet
sandals- Gianni Bini (thrifted)

Some days you wake up and need an outfit that feels free

April 23, 2014

Babysitters' Club

dress- Gap [similar] [similar]
scarf- Gap
sneakers- Converse [same]

The perfect T-shirt dress is hard to find, but when I saw this dress online (and on sale for $13!!!) I had to take a gamble and hope for the best! Unfortunately, it is no longer available and only came in one color. But if it had come in more colors, the result could have been dangerous... because it is perfection. Lightweight, wash & wear, good length, easy layering, good for year-round wear. 

Oh, yes, I do look like a member of the Babysitters' Club. Earlier in the day I had on a denim jacket and the resemblance was really bad. Check out the full look on my Instagram @sarahjulianne

April 17, 2014

Black & Leather

skirt, belt, jewelry- vintage
sandals-TJ Maxx

Just trying to figure out what I would keep from the BJB Express box... this tank didn't make the cut, but it was fun giving it a test run! It was super soft and had great drape, but was a little long for my taste. 

PS: Contact BJB Express Jeantender, Marnee at marnee@thebluesjeanbar.com for information on the BJB Express service!

April 15, 2014

A Feel Good Dress

boots- DV Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx
shades- c/o Krewe du Optic
jewelry- vintage

Ah, stripes, the most prominent print in my closet! When I shop, it’s as if they call my name. Imagine I am Odysseus wandering through the Gap, for example, only I forgot to add wax in my ears, causing me to be irresistible to their call. I need them in every. single. color. And when I find a stripe tee in a color I already  have, but the width of the stripes are different… well that is just a completely different concept and what if I need a wider stripe?! I have a nautical tee, but this one is more Where’s Waldo. Can you relate?

When The Blues Jean Bar contacted me about their BJB Express service, I was so excited! I have not been able to make it to their storefront location yet, so the Express idea is perfect for me. All you do is sign up for a one-time subscription, monthly, quarterly, etc. After a short survey and a consultation with a BJB stylist, your stylist sends a box of up to 3 outfits for you to try. Keep what you love, and return what you don’t!

Needless to say, this dress was a keeper. The mix of horizontal and vertical stripes creates an hourglass shape, which is great for gals with a more straight body shape. A pop of white perforated faux leather accents on the shoulders and pockets is a fun, modern twist on a basic shift. This dress requires only a few accessories, and adding a belt or military jacket would be cute for toughening up the look.

April 9, 2014

Black Magic

tee- Gap [similar]
denim- Blank NYC
sweater- Forever 21 [similar] [similar]
boots- TJ Maxx

Some days you wake up with a song in your head and it spills over into your wardrobe. That was this day. The need to feel like a gypsy from The Matrix. Wanting to emulate my best impression of a good spy outfit. 

Gypsy on, sisters. Gypsy on.

April 2, 2014

Watch Closely Now

jeans- Blank NYC
boots- vintage
hat- vintage Banana Republic Safari

After years of following blogs, some of my favorite have stayed the same. One of my constant loves has been Vanessa Jackman. Her street style and model posts from fashion weeks are refreshing. My favorite part of her blog, however, is her Weekend Life posts, where she chronicles her travels around the world. Lately, she has featured many ranches, desert, destinations, and hidden gems that I don't see watching the Travel Channel 24/7*. 

Maybe it's growing up with a cowboy mountain man dad who drug us to Western stores wherever we went. I can spot a beaver felt cowboy hat a mile away and know the luxury of ostrich skin boots. I always hated those "educational moments" but if you looked in my closet today you would see that he finally has competition for number of leather jackets, boots, and hats. Or maybe it's the hours...and hours... spent watching Lonesome Dove, but every now and then my inner cowgirl** comes out. I'm not mad at it.

*Samantha Brown's show is my dream job.

**Pink cowgirl boots, purple Levi's and all.

PS: If you need some desert cowboy chic inspiration, watch the 1976 version of A Star is Born... it has alllllll sorts of inspiration!