March 12, 2014

Grey Days

dress- ASOS
jacket- Blank NYC
loafers- DV Dolce Vita [similar]
necklace- self-made

Ahem, these photos were taken a month ago... that gives you a peek into my life lately. I will admit that I was in a blogging rut, and maybe still am a little bit. More than a blogging rut, a life rut. Winter does that to me. The lack of sunshine, the cold, the hearty foods, it all mashes together to put me in a funk. How do you cold-weather dwellers do it?!

Most people wear grey on gloomy days to reflect their mood. I, however, usually wear it on the sunniest of days. It is one of my favorite colors and makes me feel calm and comfortable. When I am in an emotional funk it is important for me to feel more comfortable than usual. That means no neons or brights, not many prints, and definitely no outlandish outfits. At times, a comfortable outer shell is the thing that keeps me going. The knowledge that I will be comfortable until the sun decides to make an appearance again.

What am I wearing today, you ask? Florals and pastels. The sun is out and the air is a springtime crisp. I am shaking off the grey comforting shell and slowly embracing color. 

No neons yet, though. Check back mid-summer for that one.

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