March 28, 2014

Fall(ish) Florals

dress- Kensie
shoes- Bandolino
jewelry- vintage

I was looking through my photos and realized that I had forgotten to post these. I can't remember why I chose this dress that day, and I don't remember what I did, but even now I like how easy it is.

March 27, 2014


top & skirt- Maddie Louviere
loafers- DV Dolce Vita
purse- DKNY
bracelets- borrowed from the Momsies
necklace & rings- vintage

Look 4 is approaching the media pit and I glance across the aisle at Anthony Ryan Auld, trying to decipher his reaction. He mouths, "this is right up your alley" to me and, lord is he right

Pretty pretty punky princess Wednesday Addams at charm school. Oooooooobsessed.

March 26, 2014

Mint & Floral

sweater & dress (worn as skirt)- Forever 21
shoes- Naturalizer
jewelry- vintage

Vintage-inspired prints and cozy spring sweaters make the ever-changing weather easier to bear. I love this color combination as well! Mint, coral, and blue are fun ways to slowly start dressing for spring temperatures even when they drop by lunch time!

March 19, 2014

Pretty in Pink

tunic- DKNY
pants- J. Crew [same]
shades- Kensie
shoes- Liz Claiborne
purse, ring, & scarf- vintage
necklace- thrifted
iPhone case- c/o Iconemesis

I can't exactly recall when I first became a fan of Fifi Lapin, but I do remember that it was an instant bewilderment with a French bunny who dresses with so much style! If you are not familiar with her, check her out asap... you won't regret it.

Since this Fifi Lapin iPhone case came in the mail, she has been my wardrobe inspiration. Muted brights, classic shapes, with a ladylike French attitude. An A-line tunic and skinny pants are sleek and classic, but I put a spin on it with wrapping my hair up in a scarf. The silhouette is very 1960s and looks modern in bright contrasting colors with clear plastic sunglasses.

March 12, 2014

Grey Days

dress- ASOS
jacket- Blank NYC
loafers- DV Dolce Vita [similar]
necklace- self-made

Ahem, these photos were taken a month ago... that gives you a peek into my life lately. I will admit that I was in a blogging rut, and maybe still am a little bit. More than a blogging rut, a life rut. Winter does that to me. The lack of sunshine, the cold, the hearty foods, it all mashes together to put me in a funk. How do you cold-weather dwellers do it?!

Most people wear grey on gloomy days to reflect their mood. I, however, usually wear it on the sunniest of days. It is one of my favorite colors and makes me feel calm and comfortable. When I am in an emotional funk it is important for me to feel more comfortable than usual. That means no neons or brights, not many prints, and definitely no outlandish outfits. At times, a comfortable outer shell is the thing that keeps me going. The knowledge that I will be comfortable until the sun decides to make an appearance again.

What am I wearing today, you ask? Florals and pastels. The sun is out and the air is a springtime crisp. I am shaking off the grey comforting shell and slowly embracing color. 

No neons yet, though. Check back mid-summer for that one.

March 11, 2014

Delaware Punch

shoes- Nine West [similar]
evening bag- Kate Landry
ring- thrifted
tennis bracelet- c/o Anjolee

I know buying special occasion dresses isn't the most practical way to spend money, but I have gotten enough wears out of this one to make it worth it! When I bought it I had no place to wear it, but even if I just put it on for fun on a day off, it's justified, right? It is always hard to find good purple pieces in stores. The rich color of this one has just enough black in it and only a light sheen keep the nightmare of looking cheap away. Pairing a flirty dress with structured platform heels balanced out the look. Adding a fun ring, a classic evening bag, and this simple but gorgeous tennis bracelet makes the outfit stand out, but not draw undue attention.