January 29, 2014


sweater- ℅ Rose Wholesale
turtleneck- Polo 
leggings- New Balance via TJ Maxx similar
boots- TJ Maxx

Mastering the gym-to-street look has been something I have been working on for a while. On weekends and breaks from school I am a total gym rat. When life gets crazy and I can't get to the gym on a consistent basis, I get a major itch for it. My brain gets like mush, I can't think, and I just need to refresh my energy. I love mornings when I can wake up and go exercise. It is the best start to my day and makes me so much more productive. 

Running errands after my morning gym time is inevitable. Whether it's the post office, the grocery store, or meeting someone for an early lunch, I rarely see the point in going home to change when I can work my gym clothes around what I'll be doing later that day. I love these New Balance leggings! They are opaque, so there is no risk of them being too sheer and giving everyone around me a peek at my undies. I am a turtleneck freak, and wearing them to work out in is no different. This cocoon sweater keeps me warm but is not bulky when I am a hot sweaty mess and walk out in the cold air. It's also long enough to cover my bum, which is always a plus in my book. All I have to do is change my shoes post-workout and I am good to go! 


  1. Even your ponytail is pretty.

  2. I second the pretty ponytail.

    I love the all black underneath. I just run my errands looking like a sweaty gross mess in old sorority shirts. I'm gonna be like you when I grow up. :)