January 9, 2014

A Cold War

Photos by Tate Tullier

jacket & hat- vintage, Mom'd
tank- J. Crew [same]
denim- Levi's [similar]
boots- Clarks [similar]

After a few days of truly frigid (for south LA) weather, these photos, taken a few weeks back, have me longing for warmth. I have been living in sweatpants and fuzzy socks with my heater on full blast, cursing the wind any time I have to go outside. I know that much of the U.S. has been snowed in and has weather much worse than what is going on here, but this gal is not used to the cold… I wear sweaters in July. 

Anyway, this hat actually matches the coat from this post. I rarely have opportunity to wear it, but keep it at the top of my pile just in case I have to make a mad dash for a vacation in, I don't know, Siberia? This military jacket is also something I stole from my Mom's stash of old clothes a while back. My grandmother reworked the men's jacket to fit her in the mid 70s and I think it looks just as great as it did then! Well, from what I've seen in pictures, anyway. 

I love sifting through the old things my family has kept over the years. Maybe being a clothes hoarder pays off for future generations :)

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  1. AHHH! I love your outfit, it's such a throwback, but with a modern and beautiful spin on it! I don't blame you for keeping that gorgeous hat at the ready, because I would be busting it out any chance I got. Way to go Grandma, because that jacket fits you perfectly!