May 31, 2013

Polka & Peplum

blouse- Buffalo Exchange
flats- Nine West (old) [similar]
belt- vintage
rings- thrifted/gifted

Hot pants can be risky for everyday wear. I usually try to wear flats when I wear shorts this short because it feels like "sexy" and more "I just like leather hot pants." Because this particular pair are somewhat blousy and not skin tight, they can be tricky to style when I want to wear a blouse untucked. I tried a few oxfords left out, but they were all longer in the back which made me look naked... not good. But a peplum that shows off my waist but still billows over my shorts? It's a no brainer.

PS: Thank you to my broski, Seth, for taking these outfit pics for me! Ya did a good job, Hambone.

May 30, 2013

Preppy Twist

tee- Gap [similar]
shorts- J. Crew Outlet [same]
blazer- vintage Christian Dior, thrifted [similar]
loafers- DV Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx [similar]
rings- thrifted/gifted

There are not many occasions in which I feel like dressing prep, but today was one. I scored these striped shorts over the weekend on super duper über sale! If you have been reading here for any time, you may have noticed that stripes are my favorite print. I was ecstatic when these were in my size and, most importantly, the stripes matched! Matching stripes is one of those details that you should always look for when shopping. If they do not match, the garment is not as well made as the brand wants you to think. Also, notice that the navy stripe is the last one at the top of the waist band as well as at the bottom of the hemline-- this is another detail that well-made clothes have. If the stripe were white it would make the wearer look larger and create less defined lines. 

Because I stayed in my comfort zone with stripes and my blazer, I wanted to wear a color I do not normally pair with navy: pink. I would naturally wear yellow, white, red, or brown. I like the way the pink turned out, though! It was my little bit of trying something new for the day.

What other ways should I style these shorts?

May 28, 2013

Cool Black

blouse- Double Zero via Stein Mart [similar] [similar]
shorts- J. Crew Outlet [same]
sandals- Gianni Bini [similar]
bracelets & rings- vintage and thrifted

First off, I hope all of my US readers had a great Memorial Day weekend! I spent too much time at the pool, got too much sun, and ate too many beingets and breadsticks. Needless to say, I had a great time escaping from the real world! Sometimes we need that. Now onto the discussion about my attire...

I love when I get my magazines around the middle of the month and read about the current trends for the season. Actually, I giggle, as nothing is new anymore and saying that "black and white is the hottest trend for summer" seems a bit ridiculous to me. Here's why: 1) black & white is classic, not trend, and 2) black is hizzzzzot and whoever said black was cool for summer has yet to endure 98% humidity in South LA in mid-August

But here I am, wearing black and white. The color combination is classic, but the shape of the blouse and the placement of the contrast piping is trendy. In keeping with my cowboy-mountain-man-Dad, the gold tips make me want to head to the Western store and snag a pair of collar tips for a few of my other button downs. 

Lord help me if I ever get into a pair of original Wranglers, though. That'll be the day.

May 23, 2013

Throw It On & Go

dress- Forever 21 [same]
sandals- BC via Bella Bella
necklace- c/o Piperfields
shades- Target

Sometimes when I shop, I am surprised by what I find. Well, I'm not surprised by what I find, but more in where I find things. I am not a huge F21 fan-- their clothes are not well made and the fit is always hit or miss. However, when I finally beat my anxiety over the physical store experience (so overwhelming...) I can occasionally find something cute. After I found this dress and battled the apocalyptic fire pit they call dressing rooms and made my way to the surprisingly short checkout line, I was excited to wear this dress! 

I have worn in many times but this is its first appearance on the blog. Every girl needs an easy-to-wear dress that she can throw on and run out in. This one is quickly becoming mine.

Do tell, where do you unexpectedly find great things? I may need to add to my shopping list! And if you have any shopping horror stories, share them in the comments-- I always need a good laugh!

May 21, 2013

My Skincare Essentials

I am always curious of what products people use and just devour magazine articles with reviews of skincare products! Granted, I rarely try new things... but it never hurts to stay updated. If you have been following for a while, you have probably noticed that I am not much of a makeup junkie. I am a strict concealer, powder, mascara, and cheek & lip stain gal. I haven't worn foundation since high school and hate most powdered blushes. I look like a weirdo with eye shadow now and can't see with eye liner-- not enough light gets in my eyes and my vision goes blurry. 

However, I wanted to share some of my favorite products that if the world was ending and I had to buy out the stock at Target this is what I would get. Behold, a peek into the ole kaboodle.

Skincare Essentials

As soon as I get out of the shower, I slap on this Clinique Moisture Surge. It is like thick water and is not at all goopy or slimy. I am very particular about my facial moisturizers (I don't even like Cetaphil, which is supposed to be the lightest type on the market), and this one is the bomb. Go buy it. You'll thank me later.

For a light color that looks natural, I brush on this Pixi Lip Blush. I use the closest shade to my natural lip color, Youth, and it simply looks like I ate a pink popsicle for breakfast. I also like that the applicator is similar to a marker so there is less chance of revealing my shaky hands to the world when I get the stain on, say, my earlobe (which has happened before). The Revlon lip butters are an easy swipe-on tinted moisturizer! I use these on a daily basis as well. Sheer color, light moisture, but just enough to make my face pop. My favorite shades are Raspberry Pie and Cherry Tart.

Because I am not fond of powdered blush and prefer a more long-lasting shade, I use cheek stains. I have 3 or 4 colors in my stock but use the Pixi stain in Flush. It is a gel product, so it does not go on and feel sticky all day like a liquid, balm, or even lipstick. I also dab a bit on my lips when I want a darker base color for a darker shade.

Like I said earlier in the post, I have not used foundation since high school. However, my skin is oily oily oily so powder is a must! After I apply concealer under my eyes and cover any blemishes, I put a light dusting of power on to keep the shine away for a bit. After about 45 minutes, however, I could change the oil in an 18-wheeler. That means I will age gracefully though, right?!

And finally, my all-time-favorite-cosmetic-ever: mascara. My lashes are fairly light, but very long and naturally curly. Curly is not exactly the word I would use to describe them, though. They basically stand up on their own. I'm the girl batting her eye lashes a zillion times when trying on sunglasses, making sure they don't hit the lenses. 

I used to be a strict Clinique mascara gal. All other designer and drugstore brands made my eyes hurt-- has anyone ever had this problem? My lids would be sore for days. A couple of years ago, however, I forgot my mascara at home and the Clinique counter at the mall near school was completely out of mascara (???) and I decided to try the CoverGirl Nature Luxe because 1) T. Swift endorsed it and 2) it was on sale. Not that I rely on Taylor Swift's product endorsements, but I was pleasantly surprised that after a few days of wearing it, my eyes were not sore! I quickly nixed my Clinique as soon as I finished it and have been a fan of the NatureLuxe ever since.

May 20, 2013

So Mod

dress- made by me, Simplicity 7673
brogues- Seychelles via TJ Maxx
bracelet- c/o Merci Beaucoup
rings- thrifted/gifted

Allow me to toot my own horn for a hot second... I made this dress. Myself. With little help. Toot. Toot.

I fell in love with the pattern when going through my Rubbermaid boxes of vintage patterns! The shape looked easy enough and it did not have to fit perfectly, so adhering to the pattern fairly strictly was going to be easy. My body is not a perfect pattern size (my Mom's is, which is why she has never understood why things she's made me don't fit like I want them to), so I had to take it in before putting the final stitches. In fact, the measurements on the pattern pieces said that my original cut was going to be too small and I was going to add a section in for contrast to cover up the oops. As soon as I pinned it on me, however, it swallowed me. What is it with stock patterns and off-measurements? Has anyone else had this issue?

Anyway, since this dress has such a mod shape, I wanted to keep the feel and add white accessories! I rarely get the chance to don these brogues but today was the perfect occasion. Now I have to figure out how to wear it next... any ideas?

May 18, 2013

Dipped & Dyed

blouse- c/o Anthony Ryan
jeans- Levi's 
shoes- Antonio Melani [similar]
gold bracelet & rings- thrifted
stink bug bracelet- market in Mexico
button bracelet- made by my grandmother
clutch- Costa Rica maybe? I cannot remember

Last Wednesday was the LSU Hemline Contour fashion show, which is an annual event showcasing the junior and senior design students' designs as well as a styling competition for the merchandising students. It was held at the Lyceum in downtown BR and was my first time exploring the venue! It was beautiful and had such cool architecture. The night was full of eye candy and it was interesting to see each designer's vision and how they interpreted the world around them. As usual, Momsies and I were paying close attention to construction details and whispering to each other the entire time. I was most impressed with a senior student Annie Etzel, who was featured on Haute Off the Rack a year ago! Her collection could have been costumes from Downton Abbey or scenes from the white ball in Pride & Prejudice. I wanted every single piece. I can't wait to follow her career!

This outfit was entirely centered around this Anthony Ryan blouse. It is a gorgeous silk and was hand dyed. I love the ombré centered on the diagonal. That simple detail gives an intriguing twist to the simple shape. The contrast thread on the collar and sleeve is also a fun detail that I look for in design, but rarely find. 

I wanted to contrast the softness of the blouse with a hard, textured clutch. I have two coconut purses (???), but this one actually held my keys. I like the juxtaposition of the silk against a hard bag. It feels less matchy-matchy and more cool.

Oddly enough, Sister #2 and I showed up to the event as twins... her wearing a beige blouse from the swap and white jeans, and me in this. Momsies and I usually do the accidental twins thing. Is the Think Twice Style fever spreading?

May 17, 2013

How To: Preserve Your Swimwear

You know that moment: the moment you realize your swimsuit has faded and there are little pills on your bottoms from sitting on concrete. 

I feel ya.

As a lover of swimwear (it's a disease, really) I have perfected a solid way to preserve your suits! Swimsuits are expensive. Make sure that you get more bang for your buck with this method! It is way easy, inexpensive, and uses things you already have at home. Can't beat that!

A little background on these suits-- I found them at the clearance Dillard's in Baton Rouge, which is like the Off Saks version of the department store. All women's clothing was BOGO and swim separates were $10 a pop. I have had to toss a few of my favorite suits this year, so this was the perfect way to get cute suits without spending a load of cash! Sure, they're last year's collection, but they are still cute. I actually tried both of these on last year, but did not want to spend over $60 per piece. Now that they were $20 total, I couldn't resist!

Let's get on with what we're really here for: preserving your suit.

What you'll need:

large bowl

For every 1 part vinegar, you need 3 parts water. I used 1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups of water. Scale to your needs :)

Soak your suits for at least 3 hours. I usually leave them longer because I get distracted and whatnot. The vinegar preserves the color and quality of your fabric. No faded and pilled swimsuits here!

The fabric will want to float, so I use a plate to cover them. I had to add a jar of water to the top for a little weight. My methods are topnotch & scientific. After soaking, throw them in the washer and always always always hang your suits to dry. 

Now you're set for a season of fun in the sun!

May 15, 2013

NOLAFC x TTS Clothing Swap!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the NOLAFC x Think Twice Style Clothing Swap at Kenneth Brown Design last weekend! It was such a blast and everyone walked away with fantastic new-to-them pieces! The racks were full of great pieces and accessories were scattered around the space. We sipped and scooped our drinks & gelato as we shopped and eyed each others' findings, plotting when to ask if an item was in their keep or toss pile. 

I can't wait for the next one in June, so stayed tuned for details!

Thank you to:
Kenneth Brown Design for opening your space
A Pinch of Lovely for creating our rad graphic
Time Warp Boutique, Noelie Harmon, Posh, & Loft 3H for our awesome door prizes
Latte e Miele for to die for gelato
LSU Textile & Costume Museum for loaning us clothing racks
Dr. Delisia Matthews for her expertise on swaps (her thesis was on swaps... I know!!!)
Our lovely interns for spending the Saturday after finals working :)

May 14, 2013

A Bleeding Love

kaftan- vintage, c/o Anthony Ryan Auld
sandals- Nine West, old
purse- vintage Coach, thrifted
necklace- c/o Merci Beaucoup

Sunday Mom and I drove down to New Orleans for the TwoPointOh! Great American Blogger Tour at the W Hotel in the French Quarter! It was a fun day making new friends and having blog talk. When your in-real-life friends do not understand blogging and all that it entails, it is nice to spend time with people who understand what you mean when you never know what to do with your hands. It was fun talking about business and community and just hanging out with some cool gals. 

The day before, at the NOLAFC Swap, Ryan popped by to drop off some pieces for me and this dress was one that he had told me about a couple of months ago at Trash & Treasure. The underdress was über weird on me, but this sheer over-part is perfection! I wore my trusty green t-shirt dress underneath for more coverage than a slip and it worked out so well! I love the colors and the bleeding effect of the fabric manipulation. It is truly something I will treasure for a long time... especially when I become a Baskin Robbins taste tester and gain 100 pounds. 

Eatin' room. It's important, y'all.

PS: I snuck these photos upstairs at The Revival Outpost. If you're in NOLA, it is a must stop! Ask for my high school pal Jennifer-- she'll hook you up.