April 30, 2013

How to Wear A Skirt as A Top

top- Tibi skirt borrowed from Juley
pants- J. Crew [same]
shoes- Liz claiborne
belt- vintage

Juley also sent this Tibi skirt along with the Camilyn Beth jacket! I have seen it on her blog before, though not for a while. I love the colors in it and it feels so much like a late 1960s post-modern kitchen to me. I think it partially is because of the colors. An avocado stove, a spicy mustard shag rug, and a banana fridge-- perfection

The skirt was a bit loose around the waist, so I immediately reverted to my instinctive, "but can I wear it as a top?" idea and it worked! I loved it without the belt. Although, for a good night out look, straying away from an "eating room" top is probably best. 

The lesson to be learned here is: if your skirt is too big, wear it as a top! 

April 29, 2013

Shine + Sparkle

dress- thrifted Nicole Miller
jacket- Camilyn Beth borrowed from Juley
brooch- vintage
shoes- Antonio Melani (old) [similar]

I wanted to wear this Camilyn Beth jacket one last time before I sent it back to Juley. It took a little thought, but I love the outcome of pairing it with this strapless sequin dress! To keep the shape from being too blousy, I popped this brooch on at the last minute-- it was the perfect way to nip in the shape and add a little interest at the top. 

It's possible that I have said this before, but black and white can be tricky to make interesting. The easiest way to make the combination eye-catching is to play with textures. The shiny sequins against the raw silk jacket, combined with the shiny brooch and pearly heels make each fabric stand out. Monochrome ensembles are similar in that experimenting with textures being the simplest way to make the outfit interesting.

What is your favorite texture combination when styling black + white or monochrome outfits?

April 26, 2013

Informal Comfort

tee- thrifted Target men's 
cords- Levi's
jacket- ASOS Petite
boots- DV Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx [updated version]

Casual, informal days require the ultimate form of comfort. Rainy and suddenly cool days also require the same. These cords are actually leggings, so they are stretchy and are softer than some of my pajamas! I remember when I bought this shirt-- I saw that it was from Target and didn't want to spend anything on it, but then I felt how soft it was. I wear it at least once a week now, I swear!

I began a leisure class at LSU last night on Photoshop and am eager to learn how to use it better! Last night's session was an good intro and, though it reviewed things I knew already, it was fun to learn new shortcuts for commands! I may never become a serious program buff, but if I can get good enough to make myself look cooler than I really am, it will be worth it.

PS: If you missed out on my big announcement post yesterday, check it out here!

April 25, 2013

Let's Get Swapping!

I am so so so excited to announce a special project I have been working on with the NOLA Fashion Council, the organization that sponsors NOLA Fashion Week! If you have been reading for a while, you know that I love what this organization does to promote fashion design in South Louisiana! 

The swap will be from 5-7 at Kenneth Brown Design, with the clothing drop off from 2-4, immediately following the Hazel & Florange trunk show. We are asking that each attendee bring 4 items-- clothing or accessories-- to swap. It's the perfect time to clean out your closet and switch things up a bit!

We will be using a ticket system, so when you drop off your items, you will receive a ticket for each garment you bring. For example, if you bring 4 items, you get 4 tickets, but if you bring 10 items, you get 10 tickets. The tickets will serve as your exchange for swapping. This way, you are guaranteed a chance to take home the number of items you gave up! 

I will have more details to share in the next week or so and will be sure to keep you updated!

April 24, 2013

A Ladylike Evolution

oxford- Levi's [similar]
shorts- J. Crew Factory [similar]
sandals- Nine West via Marshall's [similar]
clutch- Target [same]

The moment I saw these sandals I knew I had to have them! I put them in my cart at Marshall's debating whether or not to actually buy them. In the end, I caved. When I got home, however, I had no clue what to wear them with! They are so ladylike and, while I do my best to be ladylike, many of my casual clothes are not up to par. 

I scoured my closet, trying to find a way to wear shorts (I had just shaved... can't waste it.) and wear these sandals. I immediately went to black because, well, black and mint are a guarantee. But then I went all pastel-Easter-egg crazy and wound up liking it!

There, the artful science behind the evolution of this outfit. Next time I will wear them with black, though. My brain hurts from all of that genius.

PS: Happy birthday, Mom!

April 23, 2013

Thrift Tips: Quality Check

When I talk to people about thrifting and they tell me their tales of woe, the most common issue is that they have no idea what is "good" and what isn't. Quality is fairly easy to spot in retail stores. 

French seams? Quality. 
Has its own mini-store at the department store? Quality. (I'm lookin' at you, BCBG)
Dinner ware from Fiesta? Quality.

In thrift shops, however, quality takes a trained eye, good judgement, and inspection (i.e.  squinting). In this post I will talk about the essentials of spotting a quality item! Hopefully this will help you find the good stuff on your next trip.


It is imperative that you look at the labels of your items before you purchase. I once accidentally bought a cute skirt, not realizing that it was from F21. I was happy to have purchased it for $2 instead of $35, but the whole idea still irks me.


As you dig through the aisles, be sure to spot top of the line fabrics. Knits and polyester blends are usually a no-no, save for the exception of vintage. 

Good fabrics to look for:

My process for finding fabrics is to dimly brush my fingers against the clothes as I skim the aisle. Not every article of clothing deserves your time. They can face the rejection. They've been thrown out before. 

For me, denim is the most difficult thing to find at thrift stores. Many stores have men's and women's jumbled together and not sized, making it a serious chore finding that one pair that would make The Greatest Cutoffs in the Land. Annoying. I only search through the denim if I am 1) in a good mood 2) not hungry 3) not thirsty, or 4) killing time. However, my testament to their marketing skills are of no relationship to the stack of cool cutoffs I could have in my closet. Call me lazy.

Seams, etc.

Check the seams all over the garment. Gently tug where a sleeve meets the shoulder, if the  threads strain too much, it is likely not made well. Button all of the buttons and make sure they are all there. Unless you feel like hand stitching a button on, get things with all of their buttons. I have to say that word again... buttons

You also want to check any zippers on your clothes before you buy! Replacing zippers is a bit of a pain, so if it doesn't zip, don't buy it. 


Old and vintage clothing is what it sounds like... old. Holes and regular wear & tear is expected. I have purchased vintage clothes with holes before and worn them without caring because at least I didn't make the hole I probably would have made myself anyway. It's like that first spill in your new car. After that, it's lived in and comfortable. Staying on pins and needles is no longer necessary. 

And you know what? I like my clothes better that way.

If you have any specific questions about garments you have purchased or want to purchase, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me at thinktwicestyle@gmail.com!

April 22, 2013


oxford- Levi's [similar]
sweater- Element [similar]
leggings- Zara [similar]
hat- Gap
boots- DV Dolce Vita [updated version]

For a suddenly cool weekend, leggings, a soft shirt, and a chunky sweater was perfect for running errands. This outfit is my go-to look for going in and out of buildings and riding around town. It's comfortable, void of wrinkles, and cozy in the wind. You may call it a uniform, but I call it a way of life-- upscale lazy. 

Isn't that what they called Juicy Couture sweatsuits in 2005? Behold, the future of this outfit.

April 20, 2013

Daisy, Daisy

Head over to A Pinch of Lovely to see how I styled these daisy shorts from Time Warp Vintage for two occasions! 

April 19, 2013

Inspiration: Chartreuse + Bubblegum + Olive

Chartreuse + Bubblegum + Olive

Today's inspiration post is all about a color combination I want to try this season! I love the idea of pairing such a bright shade of chartreuse with a neutral like army green. Tossing in the bubblegum keeps the color combo sweet, but subtly so.

This outfit would be good for a shopping day, a movie date, or a day exploring on vacation! These sandals are good for walking and will stay on your feet with every step, courtesy of the secure ankle strap and the multiple straps across your foot. The belt cinches you in while the cargo vest keeps the look hangin' loose. Don your favorite Panama hat for an extra cool factor, then dab on a bit of my favorite cheek stain and fuchsia nails and you're ready to go! 

PS: All of these items are under $50, so they are totally affordable. Plus the dress is from Target and is on sale in stores right now!

April 18, 2013

Kay-La Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Elin Dilley!

Everyone be sure to stop by Elin's blog and say Hi!

You've won a $35 credit to Kay-La Handbags 
for any regularly priced item or custom design! 
Look for an e-mail from me later today!

Kay-La and I would like to thank everyone for entering the giveaway! 


blouse- TJ Maxx
jeans- J. Crew [same]
sandals- DC via Bella Bella
necklace- Piperfield's

Over the weekend, I hit up the outlets in Gulfport, Mississippi! I have been eyeing the Matchstick jean from J. Crew for a while but was hesitant to make the splurge without trying them on. We have a store here in town but they never have my size. The outlet store did, however, and I was so excited when they fit and when I saw the price tag! Less than $80 and no need for alterations? I'll take it.

I am a bit obsessive about preserving the color and wash in my jeans, so I always wash them inside out. For darker jeans like these I treat them like I treat my swimwear. With many washes over time, denim can easily fade. Before washing in the machine, I soaked them in a vinegar and water bath for about 24 hours. The vinegar helps to preserve the color and keep your denim looking like new!

Here is the vinegar bath combo for you:
1 part vinegar
2 parts water

Easy, right?

April 15, 2013

Coast to Coast Style: Sporty Chic

Our April Coast to Coast Style theme is Sporty Chic! Read on to see how Dani and I interpreted this cool trend. Check out our previous posts here and here.

turtleneck- Gap
tank- vintage Nike
leggings- Zara
shoes- Liz Claiborne
beanie- thrifted

Since I spotted this pin a couple of months ago, I have been dying, dying to find some old Nike gear! Call me crazy, but I felt really cool in this look. It is not my normal aesthetic but it's fun to take on a different character every once in a while. 

That is what I love about clothes, the difference people you can choose to be on a whim! Today I am a little bit of that The Love Boat chick from Sister Act 2 and tomorrow I may channel Shirley Jones in Oklahoma! Clothes should be fun and you should experiment with different looks-- you may find a new favorite!

On to Dani's look...

oxford & purple tank- Nordstrom
jacket- Obey via Urban Outfitters
leggings- Old Navy
boots- Steve Madden
necklace- F21 

With every passing blog post Dani publishes, I am more amazed at her layering skillz (I have a beanie on, so I have a right to add "z" instead of "s" to any word I choose). At first I didn't even notice that her tank wasn't attached to the oxford, but I did a double take and, lo & behold, the girl managed to get a little color into this look! 

She also made her letter jacket look way cool outside of high school. I never had a letter jacket, but I may steal my brother's when it gets cold again and replicate this look! I already stole his Yankees flat bill, so maybe he won't notice a disappeared jacket...

Don't forget to Pin our combo image! Remember that if you have any suggestions for looks you would like to see us cover you can e-mail me at thinktwicestyle@gmail.com or Dani at danisays@yahoo.com

Head over to Dani's blog, The Daily Dani, to see what she says about our takes!