November 14, 2013

Tribal + Sophisticated

blouse- thrifted [similar]
jacket- stolen from my brother [similar]
leggings- PacSun [similar]
boots- TJ Maxx [similar]

These photos were taken mere hours before my hard drive crashed, but they were still on my memory card (luckily I hadn't erased it)! This particular day I had only 2 morning classes and then the rest of the day off. Days like that are hard for my wardrobe choices, as I usually go straight home & immediately put on bum clothes :)

To stay cute and comfortable, I went with my trusty printed leggings (worn as pants… don't judge), a loose blouse, and my stolen-from-my-brother jacket. In the last few weeks since digging the jacket out of his "toss" pile I have worn it a dozen times. It is just big enough for layering, makes a cool silhouette when paired with slim bottoms, and army green goes with so much in my closet already. Anytime I shop retail these days I automatically make my way to the men's section first in search for sweaters & jackets. Women's "boyfriend" cuts just don't do it for my body. They still have a lot of curve in them, and I prefer to find the smallest men's size & let my curves show off, rather than have the clothes do it for me. Though the men's section is more boxy, I try to balance those pieces with showing curves elsewhere, like in these leggings. Then, to keep from being a stick, sturdy boots ground the silhouette.

How do you balance your curves with tomboy shapes?

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  1. Love it!