November 26, 2013

Maxi Maxi

dress- TJ Maxx [similar]
sweater- Element [similar]
shoes- TJ Maxx [similar]
copper ring- Karen Chapman Jewelry [similar]

Life has been somewhat hectic lately with school, family, holidays, school, school, school, so in an effort of full disclosure, these photos were taken over a week ago. I remember being in an especially drapey fabric mood and pulling out this dress, suddenly remembering that I had forgotten it. Note to self: closet clean out over semester break! This poor sweater, guys… I am wearing it down this season and after 3 years, I'm so happy it is only now starting to show wear & tear. I am on the hunt for a replacement. That, however, is like finding a new pair of black pumps: the moment you find a good pair, start looking for new ones because those babies are hard to come by!

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