November 27, 2013

Inspiration: Black Friday Style

black friday style

jacket- BLANK NYC [same]
tee- Rag & Bone [same]
pants- Free People [same]
sneakers- Superga [same]
scarf- Spun [same]

Not that I will brave the mass crowds to save a few bucks, but here is some Black Friday outfit inspiration if you are one of those brave souls! I have only done BF once on accident and vow only to participate in Cyber Monday… without crowds… in the comfort of my own home. Plus, snail mail is my favorite! 

Shopping in the winter is probably the most trying time, am I right? When it's freezing outside, the store is a sweat box. Layers of clothing get heavy for long shopping trips. Dressing rooms are just a disaster! A coat, a sweater, a shirt. A hat? That mirror makes you regret taking it off to slip something over your head. And boots? Ha! Trying on shoes in the aisles is the absolute worst when you are wearing boots. 

Cute sweats are easy for trying on clothes, warm, and super soft when you get a few hours of sleep. Not to mention the extra room post-turkey fest!  A basic white tee and a cool vegan leather jacket pair perfectly with easy to slip-on sneakers and an infinity scarf. 

PS: I found this exact jacket at my local TJ Maxx 2 days ago for $60. TJ's FTW!

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