October 23, 2013

Original Prep

dress- Gap [similar]
blazer- vintage Christian Dior, thrifted [similar]
belt & loafers- thrifted [similar]

Down south, we do not have true seasons like the east coast. Our summers are long, winters stale, and our falls & springs? Short-lived and long-loved. My wardrobe is full of layers and versatile pieces that can usually be worn year round. I have a few things that are "winter only" or "August only" but for the most part, everything is interchangeable. Take this dress, for example. For summer I can wear it loose, belted, and with a light sweater for restaurants and the movies. For fall, toss a blazer or chunky sweater with flats or ankle boots. During winter I can add tights and a pullover with a scarf and call it a day. Then, when spring comes, it could be a blend of all three. When I purchased this dress (about 5 years ago) I knew, just knew I would love it forever. The fabric is baby blanket soft and grey is one of those colors that makes me feel elegant. It came with a matching scarf attached, but I always wear it separately. 

All I really mean by all of that nonsense is that if you find a baby blanket soft t-shirt dress in any color, take it home with you. You can thank me later.

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