October 21, 2013

Dark Lady

dress- Urban Outfitters [similar]
boots- Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx [similar]
belt- vintage

If you know me in real life, we have probably had a conversation about how much I love Cher. I dream about her headdresses, am in awe of her weird vibrato, and love that she looks just like my mom (pre-plastic surgery version, of course). Cher's different stages since going solo are crazy to think about-- I don't know another artist who has gone from hippie pop to gypsy to Cherokee pride to disco and been successful. Needless to say, when I saw that she would be on The Voice as a guest mentor to Blake Shelton's team, I made sure that my DVR was working. FYI: I had a major fan girl moment during this last week's episodes every time she came on. I might have a problem.

"Dark Lady" is a song with a quality that always gets me in a gypsy mood. I can't help but want to put bells on my feet, grow my hair to my waist, and dance around a fire in an embroidered skirt with fringe trim. It would be like that scene in Elizabethtown when Orlando Bloom is dancing in the forest, fist pumping in the air without a care in the world. 

PS: Have you seen the Lifetime Channel special Dear Mom, Love Cher? It's amazing.

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