October 31, 2013

Color Bomb

dress- Kensie
sweater- O'Neill
scarf- Target
boots- Clarks

As a neutrals girl at heart, vibrant color is not something I experiment with often. I spent half of my school years in uniform, making up for khaki & white with neon shoes and matching everything. I was that girl who had the orange check Nike's with an orange jacket* and an orange ribbon… plus a funky lunch box. Accessories were my only personal style expression, so when I got out of high school I went crazy with color all over. After my first few semesters of college, though, I started getting into neutrals. Everything was cream, grey, black, etc. I went from one extreme to the other. 

My "today self" cringes at fuzzy pink sweaters** most days. However, strange weather patterns that look like fall but feel like spring confuse my brain. The result? This mish-mosh of color in my outfit. Coral, blue, camel, chocolate… somehow they work. I have to admit that I would not have thought of it without the help of this sweater. Black Friday 2012 impulses FTW!

*This was when Limited Too was still cool and my parents were the only ones not willing to pay good money for ripped jeans at Abercrombie & Fitch. Look back, thanks, parents! 

** You had one. Don't even lie.


  1. I vividly remember those fuzzy pink sweaters and when they shifted in to those bubble shirts that were reaaaallly small but then stretched bigger. OH and I feel like there were snakeskin pants everywhere.

  2. Love the sweater you're wearing. Fall is a favorite time of year for me.
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  3. I love the sweater! You pull it off effortlessly!

    Kate from Clear the Way
    (currently running a Concrete Necklace giveaway, if you are interested)