October 28, 2013

Bellowed & Blared

sweater- J. Crew [same]
jacket- stolen from my brother, American Eagle
loafers- TJ Maxx [similar]
necklace- c/o Piperfield's
ring- eBay

You know those people who are really passionate about something and are convinced that no one, no one, truly understands how awesome that thing is as much as they do? I am one of those people and music is my something. To put it simply, I love it. Lyrically, the composition, chord progressions, emotions, it all connects with me. I am a huge music buff and love going to live shows of artists I am attached to. Discovering new bands and stalking tour dates is fun for me (yes, that is weird...I know)

One of my favorite newcomer bands is The Lone Bellow. Folk mixed with country but with a bluegrass base. I saw them live last weekend in New Orleans and fell in love with their songs all over again. The performance level of these guys was a huge surprise! I mean, I knew they were good, but man, they were goooooooood. Perfect dynamics, lots of energy, and they drew the crowd in emotionally. Plus, my eardrums are in pain today, so it was obviously a great show. Check them out!

Oh... and this is what I wore to the show :) 


  1. This outfit is right up my alley! I loooove the color palette, and the glitz, and gimme that sweater, and your hair looks bananaz! LOVE IT ALL!

  2. This assemble is awesome. Chunky but without being frumpy. I love your ways of putting together outfits. I'm definitely stealing this one.