September 10, 2013


blouse & socks- Target
shorts- Gap [similar]  [want these]
boots- Hunter
rings- gifted, vintage
bracelets- vintage

The day I wore this outfit (one day last week... can't recall exactly) the weather forecast was a downpour starting at 11am lasting the entire afternoon. It just so happened that it did not rain until 5pm on my way home. I felt so prepared to trudge in the rain back to my car, complete with two (yes, two) ponchos in my bag and my lovely Hunter wellies. Though they were of no use to me, I am still glad I finally got pictures for this here blog! When I purchased them last April specifically to wear to JazzFest I thought I would get to show them here immediately but never thought about not being able to take outfit shots in the rain. Logic... lost on me.

I have been looking for a pair of cool rain boots for years and could never commit to the price tag of the original Hunters. To be frank, I wasn't sure I even wanted tall boots. They felt conventional and I could never decide on a color. The minute I saw these babies on sale, though, my credit card leapt into my hand and a box was propped on my doorstep a few days later. I like the style of the Chelsea boots and they are not the "conventional" rain boot. I have yet to see anyone else around here wear this style and that may be why I like them so much. In the cooler months I will wear them with leggings and skinnies but for now I will stretch out my frilly dresses, going for a girly/tough juxtaposed look.

This outfit was really inspired by this look from the latest J. Crew campaign. Because of my small frame, I usually don't dress so loosely. I try to have one loose and another slimmer piece for balance. Halfway through the day my shorts were almost falling off from stretching which led to me liking the proportions of the outfit more as the day went on. Bigger, baggier, but still cool. 

My favorite aspect of this look, though, is that I look African safari-ready, Scout's Honor.


  1. I love those Hunters.

  2. I just ordered these boots because I found them on sale as well! I put them on right away and couldn’t decide if i loved or hated them. I came across this post while searching for a way to style them through Pinterest. LOVE how you styled them!! Thanks for the inspiration!