September 3, 2013

Boy, Girl // Girl, Boy

blouse- self-made
jeans- Levi's mens
wallet- Target
sandals- TJ Maxx
necklace- thrifted
frizzy hair- c/o August in Louisiana

Boyfriend jeans and tomboy style has been on trend for a few years now. I can't quite place it, but each time I go with a tomboy vibe, I feel way hotter than when I wear a sexy dress. Maybe it is because I feel scandalous borrowing from the boys. Whatever it is, I like it

Making a boyish outfit look girly takes a bit more thought than usual. Wear a pretty necklace, step into some heels, and most of all, have fun with it. If you take it too seriously, you run the risk of looking boxy instead of letting your curves slightly alter your clothes. 

Look like a girl, but play with the boys. 

PS: If you can name the movie from which my post title hails, I will love you forever.


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    1. Officially love you forever, Stephanie! I'm so glad someone knew it haha!