August 31, 2013

Pajama Disguise

tee- Levi's [similar]
jeans- Levi's [similar]
sandals- TJ Maxx [similar]
rings- gifted, vintage

Most of the time my outfits are fairly simple. I prefer to dress with the least amount of "fuss" possible. Not much jewelry, nothing restricting or bothersome. This outfit is where I took it to the extreme-- for me at least. Essentially, this look is just a baseball tee and jeans. The light wash of the tee makes it more modern and adding heels with the bell-bottoms make the look seemingly less "comfort" and more "cool." These everyday clothes are comfortable enough that I am pretty sure they are in disguise and are really pajamas. 

And let's be honest, I ain't mad at it.


  1. how cool, I never thought of it like that! :)