August 19, 2013


dress- Worthington [similar]
belt- thrifted

Have you ever gone into a store that you had one impression of, but after looking your impression changed? Whether it began as positive and turned negative or began negative and turned positive, this happens to me all the time (save for Goodwill... that place is a gold mine). I picked up this dress at JC Penney about two years ago and it was definitely one of those situations where I was pleasantly surprised! Truthfully, I have always thought of JCP as the "grandma store" that used to send out the best Christmas catalog ever. For a while there they were slummy, but they have rebranded and have some cute stuff! It just goes to show that you should go places you would not normally go-- you never know what you may find.

Now about the outfit! I like that this dress is easy to wear and doesn't require much thought. It is beautiful on its own, making it simple to dress up. The neckline would be great for a cool necklace, but I felt like drawing attention to my waist in favor of neck candy. The pleats on the skirt are my favorite part! It adds a touch of interest rather than a simple A-line shape. And the split flutter sleeves... the split flutter sleeves! Can any 1970s disco-loving heart handle it? I think not.


  1. Great dress! I too have returned to JCP over the last few years. They've really taken things up a few notches!

  2. That dress is stunning! And I love the Arizona brand at JCP.