August 14, 2013

Dual Duty

top- Roxy via TJ Maxx
jeans- Lucky Brand [similar]
sandals- Dolce Vita
swirl ring- Karin Chapman Jewelry

I wore this to head out to my family's favorite restaurant, Rama, for a feast since Sister #5 is in town! When I say feast, I mean that we all go Nacho Libre style and wear stretchy pants-- multiple appetizers, massive entrees, and no room for dessert. Rolling out of the joint is preferred over walking. If the floors are dirty, we saunter. The place has been keeping me full since the womb and I am forever grateful for eating free the first 18 years of my life. If you are a Baton Rouge resident, or are just looking for a good place to eat, hit up Rama... best belly ache you'll ever have.

PS: This top is actually a swimsuit cover up, but who's keeping track these days? Cover up, crop top-- they're dual duty these days.

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