August 2, 2013

Back to School, Back to School

Ahhh, August. Back to school time. School supply lists at Wal*Mart, shiny new boxes of colored pencils with every single one super duper sharp and you still have all of the black one and the yellow one and the red one. For a large portion of our lives, this time of year is dedicated to getting ready to go back to a regular schedule, homework, and bells ringing. This time last year I had just gotten a teaching position a week before school started. One year later and I am getting ready for school again, but not as a teacher. 

That's right! I am officially a student again! I will be starting graduate school at LSU at the end of the month and could not be more excited! And scared. And excited. And scared... you get the point. I am starting with a clean slate at a new school, with new people, and learning new skills. I have not learned a new skill since, maybe, factoring in high school? That's not to say that I learned nothing new in college, but not like this. This will be 3+ years of new. And exciting. And new. 

It's scary, but I am eager for a challenge.

But just in case, I am already scheduling time for a good ole freak out sesh about mid-October. Now taking suggestions for junk food combinations when it happens. 

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