July 29, 2013

Thrifting Rescue Mission

dress- Amanda Uprichard, thrifted
shoes- Liz Claiborne [similar]
necklace- c/o Piperfield's
rings- vintage

The many thrifted items in my closet have become my favorite things over the years. I love the stories behind them, whether they are my own or the possibility of someone else's. Take this dress, for example-- months before I rescued it, I had browsed Amanda Uprichard's collection online and drooled over her pieces. They were out of my price range, so I just dreamed and stared at my computer screen writing cheesy, adoring verses in their honor. (Side note: I have written an ode to leather pants. Poetry about clothes is totally normal.)

But then one day on a trip to the Goodwill store a few minutes from my house, I saw a beautiful blue ball of fabric… on the floor… in the linen section. This dress was that lovely blue ball of fabric. I rescued, yes rescued, it from the dooms of death and all it cost me was $4.25. My size, my favorite color, in perfect straight-from-the-warehouse condition! 

I would like to give a big ole shout out to the idiot (strong word, but true) who donated this in order for me to find it and spend less than my 2nd grade allowance.

Thrift Queen: out.

1 comment:

  1. The dress is adorable! Wish someone would donate something like that to my local goodwill!