July 26, 2013

The Bumbles

tank- Pac Sun
skirt- Madewell [similar]
scarf- Urban Outfitters
sneakers- Converse Lo's
shades- c/o Krewe du Optic "Toulouse"
jewelry- thrifted, vintage

Defining my own personal style has been tricky for me throughout my life. When I see Michael Kors in his uniform of pressed jeans, blazer, & loafers, I often wonder if people have difficulty recognizing me from day to day because I switch aesthetics so regularly. One day I will be in full out vintage mode, the next I wear something tomboy, and the next it is a blend of a few different things. It all depends on my mood. Whether I am sad, happy, frustrated, energetic (not often), or relaxed, my clothes are a reflection.

This particular outfit says, "cool as a cucumber" to me. Knit skirt in a fun stripe, racerback tank, leopard print scarf, and Converse are all elements of ease in my closet, though wearing a skirt is not seen as easy these days. I have to squat, not bend in this skirt, but it stretches like mad and stays put! When I wear tennis shoes, I instantly feel cooler-- like if I were suddenly on the run I would be able to survive and look good doing so.

These shades from Krewe du Optic are going to become my favorite pair, I can already tell! They are a different shape from my norm and the contrast lenses and arms are a fun touch.  I can safely say that they are already in high competition with my Wayfarers... and that's sayin' something.

PS: Get 10% off your purchase at Krewe du Optic by using the code TTSTYLE!


  1. This is a cool laid back look. You look pulled together but super comfy. I love the Converse!

  2. pretty outfit, I like it :)
    new follower! hope you like my blog! andy