July 2, 2013

Size-Balled & Polaroids

dress- thrifted
sandals- Marshall's
necklace- c/o Merci Beaucoup

Momsies thrifted this dress a couple of weeks ago and whatdayaknow, it fits like a dream. She has always been able to buy me clothes without me there and has always had an eye for size. My sorority formal gown senior year? Size-balled (that's eyeballed, but for size). No alterations. Snug as a bug. She's got a gift, that woman.

Anyway, I only noticed the pattern on this dress when I uploaded the pictures! The half circles and weaving is pretty sweet and I don't know how I never saw it in the mirror. I guess that's why Cher Horowitz never trusted mirrors. Maybe I should start taking Polaroids of my outfits for a true representation of how I look.

Nah, mirror selfies will suffice.