July 23, 2013

Pick A Side

tank- TJ Maxx
leggings- Zara [similar]
vest & spike bracelet- YA Los Angeles
bracelets & necklace- thrifted, vintage
loafers- DV Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx [similar]

The weather 'round these parts has been so strange lately. What does it mean when the weatherman says there is a 40% chance of rain? Does that mean I should wear my wellies and avoid white? Or can I totally wear my suede shoes because there is no way it will rain? Pick a side, weatherman, pick a side!

This outfit shows my frustration with my weatherman. It is the middle of summer and black is hot, but I am rebelling and fully preparing for a downpour at a moment's notice. These faux leather leggings are perfect for rainy days-- the front panel doesn't soak in water when my feet sneak out from under my umbrella. They're basically waterproof! I so encourage waterproof pants.

I like the balance of the leather against the tuxedo-style vest. It says, "I like a good motorcycle, but I can mesh at the Oscars just as easily." Then you have to add the glitter because, glitter.

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