July 15, 2013

On Prints & Proportions

dress- thrifted
sandals- TJ Maxx
necklace- Trash & Treasure, vintage
ring- eBay, vintage

We all know that my usual duds are full of basics with a hint of interest. This dress is a full on print, which is scary to me. Because I am petite, I am always conscious of being overwhelmed by my clothing and try my best to appear balanced. The shift shape of this dress combined with a medium-sized print, however, make it easy to balance out. I think it may have been intended to be a tunic, but my short-stack can handle it as a short dress. 

Here's a tip for my petite ladies out there: if the garment is loose, show your knees. The proportion of showing your knees makes you appear longer! It's all an illusion, but it works.

PS: Humble brag... I got 5 compliments on this outfit while wearing it. *blushes*

1 comment:

  1. 1. I dig this dress. You look bananz in it.
    2. I like your knee tip. I gotsta remember dat.
    3. I want this necklace.
    4. You aren't an Aries. ;)