July 8, 2013

Hoarder, Not Hoarder

dress- Forever 21 (very very very old)
wedges- Nine West (also very very very old)
rings- vintage, gifted
name necklace- c/o BPJ

First of all, let me just clarify that I am not a hoarder. Though, you could take that as I just can't admit it, but I assure you that I would be able to if I were. But I'm not. I just have a hard time parting with my clothes. That silver pleather snakeskin jacket from Limited Too I bought in 7th grade? Hanging in my closet for that one day I decide to emulate Michael Jackson in a non-ironic manner. Funny story: I thought I gave it away years ago but found it during my move last year. PRAISE DA LAWD.

On the subject of me not being a hoarder, this dress has been a part of my closet for at least seven years. Yep, back when Forever21 was just Gadzooks I took this baby home without knowing how I would wear it. To be completely honest, I rarely wear it because it always looked frumpy to me before. However, during a late night can't-sleep-outfit-plan session it stuck out. I wore it the next morning and loved it. End of story.

Sometimes, deciding what to wear is just that simple. Eat too much chocolate before bed so you can't get to sleep & then let your clothes speak to you. I hear it leads to rekindling love for old things. 


  1. I love my old clothes too, now only if I could fit into them like you can!!!!!!!

  2. I am totally the same way. I hardly ever give clothes away and it drives my husband to insanity! I love this pretty blue dress and I can't wait to see your silver snakeskin pleather jacket! ;-)