July 10, 2013

All Muscle

tank & bandeau- Altar'd State
shorts- Levi's [similar]
okra necklace- Saint Claude NOLA
thimble necklace- Piperfield's
swirl ring- Karin Chapman Jewelry
bead ring- thrifted
sandals- Dolce Vita
shades- swap

I have been (secretly) on the hunt for a good muscle tee for months now! I found a few that I liked but couldn't commit when shopping online. The minute I saw this tank in the store it was as though it sang from the Heavens and lit up like a neon light. That isn't what really happened, but you know exactly what I mean. Admittedly, I wore it 2 days in a row and to yoga. It will get so much use this summer and I am sure that it will look *ahem* well-loved by our first cool snap.

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