July 31, 2013

Outfit Repeater

dress- Cynthia Rowley, thrifted
hat- F21
cuff- thrifted
sandals- Sam Edelman via TJ Maxx

Confession: I am repeating this outfit... from 3 years ago. What can I say? It worked then, and it works now! 

For these almost August days of sweltering heat, a maxi is an easy wardrobe option! You get great coverage while still getting a breeze, and the best part is that they take little to no thought when getting ready. Minimal accessories, a hate to cover a weird hair day, & you're ready to walk out the door! EZPZ.

July 30, 2013

The Perfect Combination

oxford- J. Crew
pants- Gap
sandals- TJ Maxx
shades- swapped

Do you have that shirt in your closet that makes you wish you had bought one in every color? That is this shirt for me! J. Crew oxfords are the perfect weight for both summer and winter, have a great fit, and wash & wear easily. Less ironing, more wearing. A most perfect combination.

July 29, 2013

Thrifting Rescue Mission

dress- Amanda Uprichard, thrifted
shoes- Liz Claiborne [similar]
necklace- c/o Piperfield's
rings- vintage

The many thrifted items in my closet have become my favorite things over the years. I love the stories behind them, whether they are my own or the possibility of someone else's. Take this dress, for example-- months before I rescued it, I had browsed Amanda Uprichard's collection online and drooled over her pieces. They were out of my price range, so I just dreamed and stared at my computer screen writing cheesy, adoring verses in their honor. (Side note: I have written an ode to leather pants. Poetry about clothes is totally normal.)

But then one day on a trip to the Goodwill store a few minutes from my house, I saw a beautiful blue ball of fabric… on the floor… in the linen section. This dress was that lovely blue ball of fabric. I rescued, yes rescued, it from the dooms of death and all it cost me was $4.25. My size, my favorite color, in perfect straight-from-the-warehouse condition! 

I would like to give a big ole shout out to the idiot (strong word, but true) who donated this in order for me to find it and spend less than my 2nd grade allowance.

Thrift Queen: out.

July 26, 2013

The Bumbles

tank- Pac Sun
skirt- Madewell [similar]
scarf- Urban Outfitters
sneakers- Converse Lo's
shades- c/o Krewe du Optic "Toulouse"
jewelry- thrifted, vintage

Defining my own personal style has been tricky for me throughout my life. When I see Michael Kors in his uniform of pressed jeans, blazer, & loafers, I often wonder if people have difficulty recognizing me from day to day because I switch aesthetics so regularly. One day I will be in full out vintage mode, the next I wear something tomboy, and the next it is a blend of a few different things. It all depends on my mood. Whether I am sad, happy, frustrated, energetic (not often), or relaxed, my clothes are a reflection.

This particular outfit says, "cool as a cucumber" to me. Knit skirt in a fun stripe, racerback tank, leopard print scarf, and Converse are all elements of ease in my closet, though wearing a skirt is not seen as easy these days. I have to squat, not bend in this skirt, but it stretches like mad and stays put! When I wear tennis shoes, I instantly feel cooler-- like if I were suddenly on the run I would be able to survive and look good doing so.

These shades from Krewe du Optic are going to become my favorite pair, I can already tell! They are a different shape from my norm and the contrast lenses and arms are a fun touch.  I can safely say that they are already in high competition with my Wayfarers... and that's sayin' something.

PS: Get 10% off your purchase at Krewe du Optic by using the code TTSTYLE!

July 25, 2013

Southern Blog Society Meetup

Photo by Kaela Williams

Southern Blog Society's meetup week is going on for each state in the South and I am so glad that I was able to go to the LA one! I knew Jenn, Krystal, and Kaela, of course, but I finally got to meet Leslie and Aimee in person! After following their blogs for so long, I felt like I knew them already. We gabbed about #bloggerwoes and shared crazy stories of people we have encountered over our time blogging. It was a blast & it is always nice to meet new people and "blog talk." 

I can't wait for the next one, ladies! 

July 24, 2013

On Repeat

tank- Marshall's
leggings- Pac Sun
loafers- DV Dolce Vita
leather cuff- market in Mexico
other jewelry- thrifted, vintage

Yes, I wore basically the same outfit two days in a row and only changed my jewelry and "pants." When it works, it works. And for your viewing pleasure below, my dance skillz.

July 23, 2013

Pick A Side

tank- TJ Maxx
leggings- Zara [similar]
vest & spike bracelet- YA Los Angeles
bracelets & necklace- thrifted, vintage
loafers- DV Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx [similar]

The weather 'round these parts has been so strange lately. What does it mean when the weatherman says there is a 40% chance of rain? Does that mean I should wear my wellies and avoid white? Or can I totally wear my suede shoes because there is no way it will rain? Pick a side, weatherman, pick a side!

This outfit shows my frustration with my weatherman. It is the middle of summer and black is hot, but I am rebelling and fully preparing for a downpour at a moment's notice. These faux leather leggings are perfect for rainy days-- the front panel doesn't soak in water when my feet sneak out from under my umbrella. They're basically waterproof! I so encourage waterproof pants.

I like the balance of the leather against the tuxedo-style vest. It says, "I like a good motorcycle, but I can mesh at the Oscars just as easily." Then you have to add the glitter because, glitter.

July 22, 2013

Tulips & Olives

Tank- American Eagle [similar
Skirt- vintage [similar
Sandals- TJ Maxx [similar
Jewelry- vintage

A few months ago I was reading an article classifying the different skirt shapes we see, with a breakdown on body types that each shape looks best on. The tulip skirt was said to be most appealing on women with straight bodies, creating a more hourglass shape á la Dita von Teese. And who wouldn’t want to have her bod? Granted, I already have tiny curves of my own, but that doesn’t mean I am opposed to a little help with definition. This skirt does just that—adds definition. It’s not risqué, but gives just enough for a bit of extra oomph!

The color of the skirt, olive, has become a neutral in the last few seasons. I originally thought that my army jacket would get a couple of wears at the most. However, it is the most well-loved item in my closet and, at the $12 price tag, is practically paying me to wear it. If you haven’t picked up something in this shade, do it ASAP. It will change your life. *insert dramatic magic hands here*

July 17, 2013

Summer Black

tank- TJ Maxx
shorts- J. Crew
sandals- Sam Edelman via TJ Maxx
leather bracelet- Mexican market
rock bracelet & rings- thrifted
hat- vintage, thrifted
necklace- self-made

Black is usually associated with winter wear, but I (somehow) end up wearing it more in the summer months. I can't figure out what it is, but it feels easier for me to wear lightweight black clothing than heavy sweaters in such a dark shade. This outfit is the perfect blend of lightweight fabrics while still keeping a the dark colors interesting. Different textures and a steady flow of neutrals are how we keep all black ensembles interesting during winter, but we tend to forget how to do the same in the summer. Cotton, leather, lace, straw-- all of these are easy combinations to try when you get tired of wearing bright colors every day.

How do you keep all-black outfits interesting during the blazing hot days of summer?

July 16, 2013

Crop Top Hop

crop top- PacSun
shorts- homemade
wedges- Nine West (old)
rings- vintage

Wearing crop tops can be tricky for everyday wear. Belly baring is scandalous, but paired with high waisted shorts and styled with a vintage feel, it is less so. My Mom made these shorts a couple of years ago but don't get too much wear because the fabric stretches easily. Short spurts are better with them. I have an itch to request an additional pair-- probably in a print... or candy apple red! What do you think?

July 15, 2013

On Prints & Proportions

dress- thrifted
sandals- TJ Maxx
necklace- Trash & Treasure, vintage
ring- eBay, vintage

We all know that my usual duds are full of basics with a hint of interest. This dress is a full on print, which is scary to me. Because I am petite, I am always conscious of being overwhelmed by my clothing and try my best to appear balanced. The shift shape of this dress combined with a medium-sized print, however, make it easy to balance out. I think it may have been intended to be a tunic, but my short-stack can handle it as a short dress. 

Here's a tip for my petite ladies out there: if the garment is loose, show your knees. The proportion of showing your knees makes you appear longer! It's all an illusion, but it works.

PS: Humble brag... I got 5 compliments on this outfit while wearing it. *blushes*