June 6, 2013

Romping Around

romper- Momsies made it
sandals- South of Africa
copper ring- Karin Chapman Jewelry

Rompers seem so easy to wear when you're in store, or in this romper's case, standing by the sewing machine. But as soon as you go to wear it the thought of being in your skivvies in a public restroom is so horrifying that you find something else to wear. Like many of my must-iron shirts & chinos, my rompers get rejected so often because they are a little annoying.

Like, what if I wanted to wear the top of this one with a skirt? I couldn't go anywhere or drink any liquids because you know bathrooms. Yet we wear them anyway because they take so little thought when styling and are just so darn cute that thoughts of potential emergency situations are thrown out the window.

Moving on... I found this ring by jeweler Karin Chapman at the Red Stick Farmers' Market this past weekend! I loved that she used copper instead of the usually gold or silver. The shape of this one is great for elongating your fingers, which is a highly underrated  benefit of jewelry. For a gal with the tiniest of hands, piano fingers are fervently sought after.

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  1. I love the neutral color palette and vintage vibe. Super chic.