June 4, 2013

Pink on Pink & Chartreuse

blouse- TJ Maxx
trousers & cardigan- Gap [same] [same]
necklace- thrifted
shoes- Antonio Melani (old)
rings- thrifted or gifted

I've written before on how I have a complex about wearing pink, but I seem to be coming around to it. When I was a little girl, I wore it all the time. I never wore blue jeans because my Levi's had to be pink or purple. For a while I felt that people would see me as a child when I wore pink, especially once I started my major classes in college and it seemed like it was time to be "corporate" and "serious." I began wearing less and less color, reverting to my inner hippie who wears brown and oatmeal 24/7. 

I think that mentality has officially changed. I am having more fun with my wardrobe and chunking my complex in the trash! This outfit is a direct representation of that. It is monochrome, which is so on trend, but in a shade that is ├╝ber girly. Then there is lace, which is so delicate and associated with a faint tint of femininity, along with a sleek, classic heel. But the fun part about this is popping on a chartreuse cardigan and a Flava' Flave necklace that makes me feel totally boss.

PS: The below photos are fantastic pose inspiration from my photoshoot sidekick for the day, my 6-year old cousin, Kay Lily. She calls the first "cupcake," as in a cupcake dress. The second is what I like to call "tree pose with birds pecking at the head." Introducing both to my yoga instructor ASAP.

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