June 28, 2013


Thanks, Krystal for the photos!

tank- NY & Company [similar]
skirt- self-made
shoes- Liz Claiborne
necklace & rings- thrifted, vintage [similar necklace]

My closet surprises me sometimes. I have a lot of clothes (a lot) and the special pieces can get lost in the shuffle. This skirt is one of those special pieces I love, but rarely wear. The only way I can think of to style it is with black to keep the focus on the skirt. It has a simple shape, so something tight on top looks best in terms of silhouette. The print on the fabric is one of my favorites of all time and I wish I would have bought the rest of the bold as well as the purple, green, and blue version of it-- and it was on sale! Oh, regrets.


  1. The skirt is a great print. It looks like it might have some army green it. Have you ever thought about pairing it with a tank and an army inspired jacket or vest?

  2. LOVE the print of that skirt! I also like Sarah's idea of pairing it with army green!

  3. Gorgeous look lady. Check out my blog, I'm also from LA.