June 27, 2013

Americana with Haute Off the Rack & A Pinch of Lovely

The final collaboration with A Pinch of Lovely & Haute Off the Rack this week is all about embracing our American spirit to get ready for your 4th of July celebrations! We each went in totally different directions and that is why it works so well. Not everyone at a party is going to be dressed alike, and you definitely want to stand out! I love Jenn's flamingo swim top and denim cutoffs-- her vibe is California cool and makes me want to watch old episodes of Laguna Beach on Netflix. Krystal's look is adorable for a backyard barbecue with friends & family. And those heart shades? Too cute.

Photos by Kaela Williams
swimsuit- Target [same]
shirt- thrifted 
sneakers- Keds
red & white necklaces- thrifted, vintage
clear acrylic necklace & star bracelet- Claire's

I wanted to go all out for this Americana theme-- and I think I totally did. This fringe bikini top I scored at Target is a great fit and the fringe gives it a little extra oomph. Target has always been a go-to for cute & inexpensive swimwear for me. It's an easy way to try a trend without spending a wad of cash! All you need with this bikini is a breezy cover up and classic Keds & you're set for going from the pool to fireworks. 

And loads of necklaces. Always loads of necklaces.

Don't forget to check out Haute Off the Rack & A Pinch of Lovely for their takes on Americana!

Bonus outtake: fish face. cross eyed. pure attraction.

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  1. This is perfect for 4th of July time by the pool!
    xoxo - Kate Styled Pretty