May 23, 2013

Throw It On & Go

dress- Forever 21 [same]
sandals- BC via Bella Bella
necklace- c/o Piperfields
shades- Target

Sometimes when I shop, I am surprised by what I find. Well, I'm not surprised by what I find, but more in where I find things. I am not a huge F21 fan-- their clothes are not well made and the fit is always hit or miss. However, when I finally beat my anxiety over the physical store experience (so overwhelming...) I can occasionally find something cute. After I found this dress and battled the apocalyptic fire pit they call dressing rooms and made my way to the surprisingly short checkout line, I was excited to wear this dress! 

I have worn in many times but this is its first appearance on the blog. Every girl needs an easy-to-wear dress that she can throw on and run out in. This one is quickly becoming mine.

Do tell, where do you unexpectedly find great things? I may need to add to my shopping list! And if you have any shopping horror stories, share them in the comments-- I always need a good laugh!


  1. This outfit is the perfect summery look! I love the white dress and bright sandals. Perfect get out the door and go outfit.

    F21 freaks me out a little too. The music just blares so loud I feel like I am at a rave, lol! Maybe it just means I am getting old? My favorite place to shop is New York & Co. Heather

  2. That is a pretty dress. I love how it looks perfect for the summer and you can pretty much dress it up with accessories or go for a fun laid back look.