May 3, 2013

Inspiration: Paper Darlings

Today's Inspiration post is brought to you by Paper Darlings Vintage, and Etsy shop run by my friend Jaci! We met last year in Costa Rica and she is such a blast... that's her in the red shades. She is a master at awkward questions and we instantly bonded over our love of vintage.

As I was looking through the items in her shop, I found myself dreaming of a spring weekend getaway! This perfect-shade-of-blue dress would be so comfortable for traveling! Pack your bikini in this adorable suitcase, toss on these woven flats, and fill your thermos with coffee and you're good to go! But don't forget your sassy red sunglasses for that May sun!

PS: Lucky you, because Jaci is offering 15% off all purchases on Paper Darlings Vintage to Think Twice Style readers through May 18! Just use the code THINKTWICE at checkout and you're all set! 

Don't forget to check out Paper Darlings on Facebook for quick updates!

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