May 28, 2013

Cool Black

blouse- Double Zero via Stein Mart [similar] [similar]
shorts- J. Crew Outlet [same]
sandals- Gianni Bini [similar]
bracelets & rings- vintage and thrifted

First off, I hope all of my US readers had a great Memorial Day weekend! I spent too much time at the pool, got too much sun, and ate too many beingets and breadsticks. Needless to say, I had a great time escaping from the real world! Sometimes we need that. Now onto the discussion about my attire...

I love when I get my magazines around the middle of the month and read about the current trends for the season. Actually, I giggle, as nothing is new anymore and saying that "black and white is the hottest trend for summer" seems a bit ridiculous to me. Here's why: 1) black & white is classic, not trend, and 2) black is hizzzzzot and whoever said black was cool for summer has yet to endure 98% humidity in South LA in mid-August

But here I am, wearing black and white. The color combination is classic, but the shape of the blouse and the placement of the contrast piping is trendy. In keeping with my cowboy-mountain-man-Dad, the gold tips make me want to head to the Western store and snag a pair of collar tips for a few of my other button downs. 

Lord help me if I ever get into a pair of original Wranglers, though. That'll be the day.


  1. Lovely summer look! I absolutely love that top!

  2. You're fab. I have a purple tank with silver collar tips that I've never worn because it has a giant fold line in it (and has for almost a year, I think) and I am that lazy to iron it. I'm a joke.

    Also. When you said South LA, I was thinking of like. The g-h-e-t-t-o of Los Angeles and I laughed thinking of you living in South Central.

    Also, you look amazing. Obviously!