May 14, 2013

A Bleeding Love

kaftan- vintage, c/o Anthony Ryan Auld
sandals- Nine West, old
purse- vintage Coach, thrifted
necklace- c/o Merci Beaucoup

Sunday Mom and I drove down to New Orleans for the TwoPointOh! Great American Blogger Tour at the W Hotel in the French Quarter! It was a fun day making new friends and having blog talk. When your in-real-life friends do not understand blogging and all that it entails, it is nice to spend time with people who understand what you mean when you never know what to do with your hands. It was fun talking about business and community and just hanging out with some cool gals. 

The day before, at the NOLAFC Swap, Ryan popped by to drop off some pieces for me and this dress was one that he had told me about a couple of months ago at Trash & Treasure. The underdress was ├╝ber weird on me, but this sheer over-part is perfection! I wore my trusty green t-shirt dress underneath for more coverage than a slip and it worked out so well! I love the colors and the bleeding effect of the fabric manipulation. It is truly something I will treasure for a long time... especially when I become a Baskin Robbins taste tester and gain 100 pounds. 

Eatin' room. It's important, y'all.

PS: I snuck these photos upstairs at The Revival Outpost. If you're in NOLA, it is a must stop! Ask for my high school pal Jennifer-- she'll hook you up.

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