April 18, 2013


blouse- TJ Maxx
jeans- J. Crew [same]
sandals- DC via Bella Bella
necklace- Piperfield's

Over the weekend, I hit up the outlets in Gulfport, Mississippi! I have been eyeing the Matchstick jean from J. Crew for a while but was hesitant to make the splurge without trying them on. We have a store here in town but they never have my size. The outlet store did, however, and I was so excited when they fit and when I saw the price tag! Less than $80 and no need for alterations? I'll take it.

I am a bit obsessive about preserving the color and wash in my jeans, so I always wash them inside out. For darker jeans like these I treat them like I treat my swimwear. With many washes over time, denim can easily fade. Before washing in the machine, I soaked them in a vinegar and water bath for about 24 hours. The vinegar helps to preserve the color and keep your denim looking like new!

Here is the vinegar bath combo for you:
1 part vinegar
2 parts water

Easy, right?


  1. What a seriously stunning top!!!

  2. Did you tell them at J. Crew you were a teacher? I'm pretty sure they offer a discount! I know they offer a student discount.